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Proper Yarn // October 25th, 2017

The Proper Yarn Show Wednesday October 25th, 2017 San Antonio, Texas 10pm-12am

Los Garage- Profe de la Uned

Roda Lits- (It's Not) Easy Litku Klemetti & Tuntematon Numero- Kengät Bad Bangs- Swimming Mountain Bike- Everything But a Gift Purple Wizard- I've Been Wrong Before The Madcaps- Bitter

Moon Duo- Sleepwalker Holy Wave- Magic Landing The Kabbs- I Really Don't Know You

Los Esmokings- K-Boom Shrimpwitch- Minimum Chips The Glücks- CuCuCool KIEFF- Pass By Patsy- Count It On Down

Sick Hyenas- Flohleiter Sapin- Valium Blues The Scaners- Now Or Never Son Bou- Su Manera de Hablar Sonic Death- Diamond Cola MAMA- в голове ничего

The Cowboys- (If I) Laugh Enough Klazo- G.T.F.O. Uralita y Los Fibroesqueletos- El hombre que moría todos los días Piss Factory- The Day After the Night Before Liberty Valentines- Ministry of Silly Walks Cool Mutants- She Sang the Blues Mean Mr. Scooter- Brainhole

Jeanne & Oliver- Messed Up Makeup Tru Fax & the Insaniacs- Love Love Love Nike- Extendz-a-Ear The Unders- You Can Too Birds- Scatter Elnuh- may 2 june

Los Clusters- Perro Lanudo La Sera- Devils Hearts Grow Gold Cameron Brown- Work For Free Fatas Mandalas- In the Sun Hazy Duo- Лицо

Attention San Antonio: You can catch Moon Duo and Holy Wave at the Spire on 230 Center Street this Saturday-- wonderful psych rock, visuals, and costumes! Tickets and more information are available on the K23 website.