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Melenas- S/T Digital Single

Melenas: Leire (Bass), Lauri (Drums), Oihana (Guitar/Vox) & Maria (Keys) (Left to Right)

Melenas are a four-piece rock band from Pamplona, Spain with a relatively new two-track digital single that debuted this past June featuring two wonderful, melodious, and reverb heavy songs-- Volaremos and ¿Dónde Estás?. Since then, they’ve been hard at work with shows across Europe while simultaneously preparing for the release of their first album which comes out next month.

Amidst that, they took a little time to answer some questions for Proper Yarn! Check out their tunes, and be on the look out for their new album!

When did Melenas begin, and how did you all come together?

Nebula bar was the place that joined us together. We knew each other more or less because we live in the same town, but it was at Nebula where we could meet each other and hang out. It was there, one of those nights, when Oihana (guitar/vocals) told us she was writing some songs. We started dreaming about starting a band, and it became real two months after that. That happened one year ago!

How was the experience recording Volaremos and ¿Dónde estás?, and what kind of process did you use?

It was great! For some of us, it was the first experience recording-- so everything was new, surprising and awesome! We were so excited about recording songs at Guillermo Mutiloa´s studio, and he contributed some ideas for the sound. Our good friend Tamu, who was at the studio also sang some choruses in Volaremos. We are so happy with the result! In the recording process we always start with drums recorded together with the guitar guideline, then we record bass, guitar, voices and finally keyboard.

Where did these songs come from, and how do you like to write your songs? Oihana is the one who writes the songs. She composes as a relaxing activity in breaks whilst working at home. It all starts with some chords and rhythm created very instinctively, not thinking on what will that end up being, or thinking in any style in particular. Afterwards, vocal melodies are made from this basis and finally, the lyrics and the rest of instruments. After this, we try them all together and finish defining the songs.

What is it like playing music in Pamplona, and do you have any plans to come to the US soon? Pamplona is not a very big city but it has a great underground scene. Rock and roll, garage, psychedelic and pop bands from Pamplona are often playing around and we also have the chance to see so many gigs of foreign bands that we love at our home Nebula. Sonny and the Sunsets, The Gories, Holy Wave, Cosmonauts, and many bands have played there, for 40 people, all of them friends. It’s a privilege and just great!

We would love to go to USA soon, we have good friends in Austin and we would love to visit them and of course, touring over the country!

Links: Facebook // Youtube // Instagram