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Proper Yarn // September 27th, 2017

The Proper Yarn Show Wednesday September 27th, 2017 San Antonio, Texas 10pm-12am

Leisure- Formaldehyde Trash Knife- I Need Something

The Spectres- Goodbye Nunofyrbeeswx- Outrageous Hi Waisted- Quittin' the Army Wayne Zenith- Love 'N' Veg Mommy Long Legs- Haunted Housewives

Deep State- Mountains The VanCooths- You're Tearing Me Apart The Mads- Sono Chiuso In Lei Lanewaves- Dead Planet The Exbats- Kill Yr Boyfriend Les Bicyclettes Blanches- Cat Gut

Amy O- Untouchable Heat Junkie- What I Call Luv Bruset- Radio Aktiv Gussie- Others Dogs In Kavala- Boje

Kay Odyssey- Lucid Eyes BETRAYERS- For the Hill Heaters- Kingsday Destination Lonely La Mela- Smile Les Deuxluxes- La Fille du Père Noël

Mujeres- Siempre Eterno Les Grys-Grys- Left Unseen Baronen & Satan- Elisa Frisbees- Valenica 93 LIPUPS- Hint

Corridor- Du Moyen Âge à l'âge moyen Mode Moderne- She, Untamed Shopping- The Hype Las Kellies- Erase You (ESG Cover)

Seapony- Be Here Again JENNIFER- Great Job Ulrika Spacek- Ziggy Safe Word- Moonlight

#Gussie #DogsInKavala #Shopping #LasKellies #Seapony #Theexbats #Lanewaves #krtu #sanantonio #music