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Proper Yarn // August 30th, 2017

The Proper Yarn Show Wednesday August 30th, 2017 San Antonio, Texas 10pm-12am

Razorbumps- Don't Say Nothin Leather Towel- Natural Disasters DUMSPELL- Cowboy Coffee Saucers- I Drink My Coffee Black

Dead Ghosts- That Old Feeling The Dirty Blossoms- That Your Love Catete Rococó- Baile de Tinieblas Plutonium Baby- No One Videodrome- Solar Beam Pony Time- Stickers Wet Blankets- Dave n'Joyce

Rydells- KGB's Adam Widener- Worms & Women Niveas- Quisiera Ser Popular Sultan Bathery- Right On Puberty- Parties Faux Cults- Suit Case

Massenger- Luz Bruja The Chats- Bus Money Suburban Homes- Unemployed The Meltaways- Circles Thee Holy Ghosts- Gimme Your Love Nervous Twitch- She's So Hip Wild Wing- Sound the Alarm

Les Cagettes- Zéro philosophie Bungalow Ninja- Lovve Spiral Perm- Dance Duck Charles Ash- Mon Métier Me Rend Con The Lucid Dream- Cold Killer

FEATURE- Wisdom Teeth Plax- What A Waste Total Slacker- Keep the Ships At Bay Wolf Mountains- Take the Money and Run Las Cobras- The Time Has Come