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Proper Yarn Show // June 14th

The Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7fm

Wednesday June 14th, 2017

San Antonio, Texas 10pm-12am

The Bedstars- Before And After 事前事后

New Berlin- The Drawback Wildmen- Haters Gonna Hate Travel Check 66$ LA Witch- Untitled Budget Girls- You're So Sorry

The Rippers- If You Die The Crashers- Big City Nightmare Téléphérique- Dégénéré Opera Ghost- Wine Lips Tall Juan- Time Bomb

Mystic Braves- Desert Island Los Tones- Running Out of Time The Vagoos- Heatwave The Delphines- Little Viking Acid Baby Jesus- It's On Me

The Beets- Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes Slushy- No I Need You Las Tropigoticas- Palitos de queso Abjects- Mine Fatas Mandalas- Good Vibrations

Thee Marvin Gays- It's Easier To Be Dumb

Ranch Ghost- Bleu

Plains- Sunnies

The Molochs- No More Cryin'

The Six Deep- Girl It's Over

Kitten Forever- Dirt Nap Chris Gill- Deaths Day Job Family Matters- Salina #4 Genuine Jacks- East Berlin Demo Shark Toys- Delerium Tremens

Mujeres- LA Los Blenders- Oye The Wimps- Another Complication The Go- For Me Alone The Limiñanas- Time Will Tell

The Vacant Lots- Departure La Unión- Hawaiian Gremlins Tracy Bryant- Protect Your Head Cosmonauts- Be Bop A Loser Dawn Patrol- Let Me Forget Les Animaux Sauvages- Jupiter

Les Marinellis- Fils Du Roi White Fence- Fragility Les Problemes- Non Je Ne Vois Rien The Money Goes Round- Velvet Sky The Baron Four- It's Alright We Are Wood- Leave

#ProperYarnShow #GarageRock #cosmonauts #tracybryant #whitefence #themolochs #talljuan #mysticbraves #sanantonio #krtu917fm