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Proper Yarn Show //June 7th, 2017

The Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7fm Wednesday June 7th, 2017 San Antonio, Texas 10pm-12am Sick Thoughts- I'm Going Nowhere & I Don't Care Mark Cone- Walkin' the Beat

look and listen- fff Los VV's- Wolfgang Raw Prawn- None Left Dennis Herrold- Make With the Lovin' Shapes Have Fangs- Rattle & Confuse Me Suspirians- Nocturne

Lake of Fire- Sundrops Gayze- All Night This Other Kingdom- Comatosed Mark Sultan- Believe Me The Rubs- Why Did Your Love Run Out? The No Nos- I Won't Beg Asphalt- Enterre toi vivant The Abyssmals- Talking 'Bout My Love (The Nerves)

Olvido- Top Speed Baby Shakes- Turn It Up The Undertakers- Illusions Latitude- Say What You Mean Sculkly- Wave Dada- If I'm Blind

Le Turc Mecanique- Rumours Constant Mongrel- The Law The Flowers- After Dark The Mallard- You've Got the Critics

Thee Marvin Gays= It's Easier To Be Dumbs Ranch Ghost- Bleu Plains- Sunnies The Molochs- No More Cryin' The Six Deep- Girl It's Over

LE MAMØØTH- Running Out Gross Magic- Sweetest Touch Thee Mightees- Sometimes Foreign/National- Never Really Terbutalina- Se o sei non volvo Planets- It's Not 1977 Raw Nerve- Gimmee Back My Brain

The Babe Rainbow- Survival In the 21st Century Eterkropp- Då blir allt bra Bounties- Hitchhiking

#MarkSultan #GarageRock #KRTU #SanAntonio #Collegeradio #therubs #olvido