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Proper Yarn Show: 3-1-17

The Proper Yarn Show on KRTU INDIE OVERNITE 91.7FM Wednesday March 1st, 2017 San Antonio, Texas 10pm-12am

Real Numbers- A Life In Films

Soaked- Addicted to the Weekend

Thee Tsunamis- Shakee Jake The Bell Peppers- Drapes- N' Squares Novedades Carminha- Et moi, Et moi, Et moi Mountain Bike- Got Power

Damaged Bug- Unmanned Scanner The Staches- Smokey Glitter Pants Los Reactors- Shake Down Free Pizza- Keep On Moving Nike- "Extendz-a-Ear"

Holy Wave- You Should Lie Faux Ferocious- Feeding Frenzy Melody's Echo Chamber- Pêcheuse De Lune Eerie Glue- Long Way Home Tall Juan- Getting Cold

The Venus Fly Trap Ramona-Tornadita- This Girl Is a Mess The Vagoos- Down & Out Trust Fund- Splitter Moonhearts- Shine Gurr- Walnuss Jacco Gardner- Where Will You Go?

Black Math- Far Will Take You Clorox Girls- Novocaine Beatniks- Egg Song Dikes of Holland- Last Sentence Draggs- The Gutter

Ave Negra- M.C.S.E. Space Battle- Unmarked Graves Race Car- Government Funded Terror Lunch Olvido- Olvideo Neutrinos- Smoothie Stand Runoff

FIDLAR- Got No Money Drug Dogs- Enemy Wash- NMA Delivery Girl- Noisy Beat Mark- Flowers

Lucy Loo- The Bad Parents Little Barrie- I.5.C.A. Man Of Moon- The Road Nooj- Vinho de Casa The Blind Suns- Smoke and Mirrors