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Proper Yarn Show: 2-15-17

The Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7FM Wednesday February 15th, 2017 10pm-12am-- San Antonio, Texas

Wild Zeros- Get Straight M 'n M's- Knock, Konock, Knock Fruit Tones- Pick Up My Bones

Becky & the Politicians- Restrict Options Jungle Bodies- Sawdust Topo Chica- Nailed It Энеона Виток- Всем! Всем! Всем! Gee Tee- Got No Head Dizzy and the Romilars- Push Button Drive Bacon Fudge- Breathe

Police Control- Sentimental Texxcoco- Green Stranger Gross Pointe- Feelin' Alright REIZ- Zucker O'Grady- Never

Gurr- Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wham Bam- Wake Up It's Already Morning Mujeres- Night Bloom Raw Prawn- None Left

Edible Arrangements- Second Hand Shit That You Live In Erik Nervous- New Potatoes Gauche- History Drinking Flowers- Nite Time

Satélite- Parte del plan Vain Aims- Count Giorgio Murderer TV Haze- Shook Plastix- Konsumeier Mich

Whyte Horses- Promise I Do Billy Changer- Island Fever Hoops- Rules Cold beat- 62 Moons Charles Ash- Mon Métier Me Rend Con

Travel Check- Drug Daddy Hot Throbs- Bongo Bomb Los Wilds- El Hombre Lobo The Skunks- Gimme Some Los Fritos- La Fiesta de disfraces