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Proper Yarn Show: 1-25-17

The Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7FM Wednesday January 18th, 2017 10pm-12am-- San Antonio, Texas

The Cowboys- Marjorie Stratocastors- Les Noveaux Copains Useless Eaters- Walking In Circles

Feral Jenny- Morals Vacation- Ed Don't Remember Me Drinking Flowers- Pop Underground Ty Segall- Freedom The Lad Mags- Bed of Bones Faux Depart- Handicape

Skull Cult- Enemy CCTV- Paranoia Asphalt- Ennterre toi vivant The Skeptics- Shutter the Moon TeeTahs- Okee Dokee The Try Umphs- Leave Me Alone

Low Times- Your Letter Death Canyons- Jeffrey's Club Amen Dunes- Patagonian Domes The Black Tambourines- 27-25 Blues

The Courtneys- Tour The Slickee Boys- What A Boy Can't Do Knots- Action Os Noctàmbulos- Hand In Hand (With the Devil) DTCV- Bourgeois Pop

The Yolks- I Wanna Be Dumb Sunflower Bean- Old World Nice Try- President The Do Nothings- Sure It's Alright The Tights- Cracked Buttzz- Colostrum 69

Lake of Fire- Sundrops The Fizz Pops- Tell You Something FVC- Walking Puberty- Parties Platinum Boys- New Kind of Love The Lochness Mobsters- Igloo's Icepick

Hidden Ritual- Barbarians Super Besse- Dym (fumée) Young Prisms- I Don't Get Much Best Friends- Wasting Time Gross Magic- Sweetest Touch Vitamin Pets- Popeye's Adventure Adults- She Is Not