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Proper Yarn Show: Unaired Special

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.” ― Howard Zinn

The Clash- I'm So Bored With the USA The Vibrators- War Zone Icon A.D.- Fight For Peace Raxola- Wait For the War The Descendents- M-16

A word from George Carlin

Circle Jerks- Fortunate Son Uproar- No War No More Square Cools- I Don't Wanna Die For My Country Anti-Pasti- Another Dead Soldier

A word from the Second City

UK Subs- World War Mystery Dates- World War III Is Calling Me

A word from the Second City

The Ramones- Commando Chelsea- War Across the Nation The Varukers- Die For Your Government Zounds- Make Love Not War

A word from Irish MP, Clare Daly

Insigators- The Blood Is On Your Hands The Partisans- Arms Race Chron Gen- Puppets of War Eater- Thinking of the USA ADS- Waiting For the War

A word from American journalist, Glenn Greenwald

Captain Sensible- The Russians Are Coming The Brigades- State Contolled Paranoia The Ejected- Russians Lockjaw- Journalist Jive Cole Alexander (of the Black Lips)- Deaf Blind and Dumb

A word from Murray Rothbard

Dead Kennedys- I Fought the Law Special Duties- Police State New Berlin- Border Patrol The Rings- I Wanna Be Free

A word from John Oliver

Anika- Masters of War

The System- Dogs of War

Words from: Howard Zinn Dr. Cornel West Former Presidential Candidate, Ralph Nader Noam Chomsky

No Choice- Watzwar Dirt- Anti-War

A word from Scott Rickard, former US Intelligence Officer

The Unwanted- 1984 Blitz- Propaganda The Sound- Missles

The Adicts- Viva La Revolution

This unaired and online only edition of the Proper Yarn Show is dedicated to the thousands of women, children, and civilians who have lost their lives in illicit US bombing campaigns over the past eight years across seven different countries*. It is also dedicated to the brave investigative journalists and whistle-blowers who have taken great risks and made major personal sacrifices in pursuit of transparency, truth, and accountability**.

* http://bit.ly/1LPSnqx ** http://bit.ly/1ttZ8Cf