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Proper Yarn Show: 12-7-16

The Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7fm Wednesday November 30th, 2016 10pm-12am-- San Antonio, Texas

Trementina- Kisses In Your Eyes The Allah Las- I Cannot Lie Cowtown- Castle Greyscale

Colleen Green- Y Do You Call Me Shark Toys- Busstop Slushy- Good Luck Charm The Soft Pack- Parasites

Ranch Ghost- Pale Tail T-Boones- At the Club Los Scallywaggs- How It Goes Mystic Braves- Coyote Blood

Each Other- Sit Still Gun Shy- Battles (Demo) Feel Alright- Oahu Ohio Delivery Girl- Noisy

Double Cheese- Freakshow Dikes of Holland- Sunrise Women- Black Rice Creatures Choir- I'm Not Falling The Feeling of Love- I Could Be Better Than You But I Don't Want to Change

Friends- Friend Crush Obits- The City Is Dead Young Boys- High Tide (Dirtbomb Mix) Marie Mathématique- Sinon je serais autre chose

You, Me, & Us- Steve Holt! Sea Pinks- Lake Superior Ponctuation- Obéir à ses instincts dans la mesure du possible (reprise de Le Monde Dans Le Feu) Birthday Noose- Devil

Crystal Stilts- Star Crawl Corners- Sometimes Bruiser Queen- Rise and Fall Teardrop Factory- 3am Coke Dream

Vivian Girls- Tell the wOrld Party Pantera- Prozac The Wolf- Tied By the Roots

#Garage #Rock #KRTU