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Proper Yarn Show: 9-28-16

The Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7fm

Wednesday September 28th, 2016

10pm-12am-- San Antonio, Texas

Tequilasavate y su Hijo Bastardo- La Vida Loca Capgun Coup- Bad Bands Low Times- El Entierro de Los Gatos

White Mystery- Secret Garden La-Goons- "Van Burn" Predicado Nominal- Qué me estás container Bare Wires- Ready To Go

Mystic Braves- Bright Blue Day Haze The Try Umphs- Never Let You Go Deebles- When It's Gonna Stop Tremolove- Enjoy the Silence Coolrunnings- Spirit of the High

Ex-Cult- "Let You In" Frisbees- Cali Fergus & Geronimo- Roman Tick Nikki & the Corvettes- Gimmee, Gimmee Flesh Lights- Middle Age

Cosmonauts- Shortwave Communication The Mallard- Over and Under Holydeads- Paper Street The Barbazons- National Geographic Germ House- Bad Organs

Part Time- Fallin' 4 u Blasted Canyons- Holy Geometry Rayon Beach- Jacuzzi Limo Explosion Clorox Girls- Emergency

Double Cheese- You Know Better Regal- Scarcity X-Ray Spex- Warrior in Woolworths Thee Marvin Gays- The Fake Murph & the Gazorpros- Stay All Night (If You Want To) The Pastees- Make Me Not Like You

The Tubs- Too Much Fun Destination Lonely- Stuck In My Mind

Upcoming shows to catch:

Friday 9/30: White Mystery at K23

Friday 9/30: Mystic Braves at Limelight

Tuesday 10/4: Ex-Cult at Limelight

Wednesday 10/5: Part Time at Limelight

Thursday 10/6: Cosmonauts at Limelight

Thursday 10/6: Gringo Star at Paper Tiger

Friday 10/14: The Vibrators at Korova