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Proper Yarn Show: 9-7-16

Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie 91.7FM

Wednesday August 31st, 2016

10pm-12am // San Antonio, Texas

Proper Yarn Show Feral Beat- Cold Lover Saliva!- Desaparecer Wimps- Slept In Late Jurassic Shark- Pacing Tigers

Shopping- Straight Lines Free Pizza- Keep On Moving Dories- Arms & Legs Smart Dads- Bummer Summer

Delicate boys- Meltin' in the Moonlight Novedades Carminha- Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi Os Noctàmbulos- Then I'll Be Moving On Twist- Calendar Girls

Son Bou- Su Manera de Hablar Teenage Burritos- Charlie Le Monde Dans Le Feu- Ben plus que du manger Gurr- Joseph Gordon-Levitt Thee Holy Ghosts- On My Own Lake of Fire- Sundrops

Real Numbers- Frank Infatuation The Fizz Pops- Tell You Something Pitilo Beat- Prefiero dormir Sci-Fi Caper- Magic Marker Bozo- Tentacles Feathers- Cat Burglar

Viral Eyes- Antacid Trip Side Eye- Bittersweet Uranium Club- The Collector Billy- Free Clinic Jævndøgn- Uhr The Gun Hoes- Witchy Dress

Nancy Pants- Happy Sunflower Bean- New Old World Candy- Can't Pretend Chook Race- Pictures of You Nooj- Vinho da Casa

The Dropouts!- John-John Shady and the Vamp- My Baby Can't Take It Terry Malts- Seen Everything The Stranger Than- Jubilee Nots- No Novelty

Omni- Wire

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