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Proper Yarn Show: 5-25

Teenage Sexx- Proper Yarn Theme Werewolf Police- Personificate Betrayers- Ain't No Lie Keel Her- Faces Places The Quarks- Mechanical Tense Men- RNRFON Daydreams- Alone Now 39 Clocks- DNS Femme Accident- Them The Hussy- Woodland Creature Tweens- Rattle + Rollin Total Slacker- Life on Easy Street Teen Mom- I Wanna Go Out Makeout Videotape- Only You Watermelon Sugar- Stormy Weather Parrots- Let's Do It Again Tokalos- Skin The Hazzah- New Fuzz Santa Fe- Daydreams Musique Chienne- Abre Japonais Lusts- Temptation Go!Zilla- Gambling With the Crocodile Frankie and the Witch Fingers- 6,000Horns Junkie- Glued Ghouls Leggy- Waisted The Bin Bags- Current Mood Useless Eaters- Electrical Outlet Miss Destiny- House of Wax Police Force- Freakin' Out the Squares Pelaqueria Canina- Campamento Boy Scout Los Calambres- La Tv Los Microwaves- What's That Got to Do With Loving You Digital Leather- Young Doctors In Love Nots- Decadence The Victoria Lucas- Back to Junk

Shows to see this weekend:

Friday: Junkie Cassette Release at Imagine Books

Saturday: Tokalos at Nite Lite

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