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Proper Yarn Show: 5-18

Proper Yarn Show on KRTU Indie Overnight 91.7FM Wednesday May 18th, 2016-- San Antonio, Texas

Teenage Sexx- Proper Yarn Tgene Los Jambos Jambos- Himno Jambo Yucky Duster- Friend Zone Acid Smoker- Take a Look Around Real Numbers- This Time He's Gone Too Far Original Shitmakers- Don't Try Fire Retarded- What You Say Hobocop- Good News Gurr- Joseph Gordeon-Levvit Radio Activity- I Know Os Noctàmbulos- Not Everyone The Paranoyds- Freak Out Pope- Will Taylor Midnight Ghost- He Knew My Name Garrett T. Capps- Road For Days Mujeres- The Vandals Gross Pointe- Time to Waste Ranch Ghost- Pale Tail Corners- Buoy Mannequinn- Transcience Dead Ramones- Hello Bad Day Июльские Дни- Завидно Wild Smiles- Get Off My Back Radiant Marks- New Worries Gun Shy- Battles De Må Være Belgiere- Cirkler Billy Changer- Island Fever Primetime- Get A Grip Tongues- Penny Machine Palehound- Molly Magic Cigarettes- Can't Decide the Time That Nile Will Call You For a Ride Wild Raccoon- To Build a Fire Calcinator- Electrife King Khan & BBQ- Fishfight Los Ginkas- Linda Manz KED- Always Tomorrows Tulips- Lull The Milkshakes- Love Can Lose The Lochness Mobsters- Igloo's Icepick

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